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Rich, regional, and incredibly tasty

You’ll get to know our region through the delicious, varied quality products that you’ll find on your breakfast table or, upon request, during your Bavarian snack. Try out the authentic delicacies of Bavaria and let yourself be surprised.

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Regional breakfast

Utmost passion for genuine flavours: that’s what makes breakfast at BERGEBLICK so special. Whether on the sunny breakfast terrace or in the comfortable breakfast area – it’s an experience for all the senses. It’s based on high-quality, fresh products from our regional partners. The best coffee beans from Dinzler coffee roastery, the incredible organic tea selection from Tee-Manufaktur, the freshly baked bread from the baker in Tölz, the cheese from Tölzer Kasladen, sausages from the butcher around the corner, tasty egg dishes from the farms in the surroundings, as well as fresh juices and smoothies. Your perfect start to an active day.

Bavarian snack (upon request)

The traditional Bavarian snack consists of different specialities and has to be hearty and savoury. It’s usually served cold. With it, we serve a hearty farmer’s bread.

The bread comes freshly baked from the baker in Tölz, and has a fragrant flavour because of the caraway seeds. You’ll find this kind of Alpine bread only in Bavaria! It’s often served with ham and garnished with a horseradish dip. And when it comes to cheese, there has to be a tasty mountain cheese or a fragrant Obazda (Bavarian cheese spread) with chives and onions. A portion of lard is an absolute must on the Bavarian plate. Juicy white radish and crunchy pickles are served with radishes. A crispy farmer’s bread combined with a selection of fine and fresh spreads (either savoury, hearty, sweet, mild, spicy, vegetarian, or vegan) for almost every taste is always a pleasure and is a real classic.

Other musts of the Bavarian cuisine are the Bavarian white sausages with fresh “Brezen” (knotted bread), meatballs, sausage salad, as well as a freshly baked “Leberkäse” (meat loaf). Something sweet is also important: especially homemade cakes, the famous “Kaiserschmarrn” (scrambled pancakes), fried apple rings, and organic ice cream made with fresh cow milk from the farm.

Flexible delight

Variety makes life wonderful, don’t you think? We definitely do! That’s why, at our hotel, you’ll have a regional breakfast in the morning, a small Bavarian snack at night, as well as different tasty, seasonal, and regional snacks at our Senses Sundowner lounge, by the pool, on the terraces, and in various hideaways. For lunch and dinner, we deliberately don’t offer a restaurant service, so that you can set off on a culinary journey through Bad Tölz and the surrounding area: fine dining in a gourmet restaurant, traditional meals in a mountain hut, or in a brewery inn, or even international specialities in a fancy venue – feel free to choose what you prefer. We’ll give you tips and book your table for you.

How about a cold beer?

In Bad Tölz, beer brewing has a long tradition that dates back to the 15th century. By the middle of the 17th century, there were already around 22 breweries in Bad Tölz. This has an influence on the brewery inns in the area. Nowadays, fresh beer is still brewed and served here. There are also numerous big and small breweries with authentic beers in the surrounding area. Those are the traditional beers that we serve at our Senses Sundowner lounge, at the beer garden nearby, on the terrace, by the pool, or wherever you’d like to enjoy them.

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